The Chefs Of The Oman's Blue Crystal Suites Hotel

Our chefs at the Oman's Blue Crystal Suites Hotel are passionate about food. They are committed to sourcing quality food and drinks to serve our guests. Our menu includes the traditional cuisine of Oman that recalls the countries role as as a key trading post between east and west, with spices from India and grilled meat and preserved fruit from the Arabian peninsular. Our chefs will use their creative flair to create dishes with new flavours and ingredients that provide our guests with a link to the country, the people who produce the ingredients and the stories behind the food.

Oman's Blue Crystal Suites Hotel are proud to introduce the best chef’s in the country, providing you with excellent food and a range of meal options.

Meet the Chefs

Walood Mirza

Executive Chef Walood has worked in restaurants across Europe including London, Paris and Bruge, with additional experience in California and Dubai. Walood has worked at the three star Michelin restaurants “De Karmeliet” in Belgium under Geert Van Hecke and in “Restaurant Guy Savoy” in Paris under Guy Savoy. He defines his cuisine as innovative and his menu is certainly creative.

Abbadi Wazed

Chef Abbadi Wazed has joined the staff with eighteen years experience within the hospitality industry. Abbadi has worked as Head Chef at “The Flamingo Heights Resort” in California, “The Imperial” in Bali and “Bêche à la Fourchette” in France.

Aathif Dahan

Born in Oman, Chef Dahan started his passion for culinary arts from an early age. In 2002 he achieved his Le Grand Diplome at Le Cordon Blue. Aathif specializes in the food of Oman.

Our Food

Our menu

Food in Oman's Blue Crystal Suites Hotel plays a vital role in winning the hearts of our guests. Our chef’s make the most of the hotel’s proximity to the Arabian Sea, with an array of sea food dishes including Mashuai. a complete spit-roasted king-fish served with lemon rice as well as a number of tasty traditional food cooked in a unique way. Our traditional Omani menu aims to win the hearts of our guests. Omani food is a wide range of dishes cooked in a unique manner by our expert chefs.

Our restaurant also provides a variety of international cuisines, for those who want a taste of home away from home. Our traditional menu includes

Traditional food

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